Big changes happening today will only accelerate in the coming years: technology will play an even bigger role in every aspect of our lives. In a probable future where technology creates barriers to job markets or displaces a large percentage of our workforce, we need to provide opportunities for our kids and be prepared to face these new challenges.

Right now. Today.

First and foremost, we need to update the form of the knowledge delivery system with an accent on organic self-discovery and collaboration.

Our Solution?

To ensure that students have the right tools to navigate rapid technological changes, we believe that education has to resemble the way young adults learn—and do pretty much everything today—from “inside” the computer. We use immersive stories and games to make learning relevant and fun.


To stimulate habitual self-learning, we are working on supplemental education technologies designed to manage live interactions between instructor and student with gradually increasing autonomy in 360º immersive virtual reality.

Virtual Reality offers an opportunity to connect students from many cultures through the cloud into immersive education, right from the start, to appreciate each other’s perspectives, gain points of reference, and organically innovate together.

One World Initiative is envisioned as the first fully immersive international education program for teens, supported by RealityNext. The program will bring people to learn science, arts, humanities, and life skills—and, most importantly, have fun together. By turning education into making stories and games, students will gain empathy and build global community.

According to David Weinberger, the author of Too Big to Know, “the digital network has bound together communication, information and sociability so that you can’t learn things without communicating.”

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